Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The best thing in life is free, but you can give it to the birds an' bees

Is it just me, or does our wallets eat our money? I swear, the minute I manage to get some cash into my hands, it just finishes in no time... Its not like I am a shopaholic, honestly, I am not.. my son even needs some new pants, and I haven't had the time to go shopping.. But with groceries, and bills, it never seems enough. Where does it all go?

Who ever said, the best things in life are free obviously did not live in SL. Even air, which is technically "free" is now polluted, and practically everyone is having some throat ailment.. So much for being free.

I read somewhere, that people are encouraged to grow their own vegetables in their gardens and someone had also said that that vegetables are going to be grown on the roadside. The kicker is, no one supposed to pick them up. Ok, one cannot even grow flowering bushes on the sides of their houses, because people will come along and collect the flowers for visits to the temple, and we expect vegetables to last? Come on, are our politicians that naive?

Cost of living is increasing at such a rate.. Vegetables, meats, fish - everything is up in price, and on the other side of the page, politicians are lamenting about malnutrition and high levels of sickness of people in this country. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see the link between these two factors...

I am sure I am not the only one who has lost complete faith in our political system.. I am trying not to take sides in the political debates in this country, not because I am a copout, its just a waste of time, because its only talk and no action here. But someone does need to stand up and say, look - people are getting poorer and are not able to feed their families. Especially the urban poor. In the villages, people are able to grow their vegetables, have their chickens roaming their yards and somehow can manage. You and I, with our fancy cars and Internet connections, will be able to somehow manage. But what about all the people who barely make enough to get a packet of milk for their kids.

The best thing is, they end up voting for the same idiots who roam around in big cars and entourages, guzzling and belching gasoline all over the streets and accept handouts from everyone. I thought they were supposed to work for the people, and the people do not end up working for them... So much for that!

I am sure with all the monies that is spent on road work, and development, we can focus on some of it to bring down subsidies or enable some scheme to make food stuffs cheaper for the normal person living here. Its not like the money for road works is going to good use, after one spell of rain, the roads are back to being damaged and messed up and closed off for more repairs.. hmmm

I need some money - John Lee Hooker

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  1. Finally someone agrees that picking flowers off someone's garden is wrong. Imagine when people see veges growing on the roadside, frenzzzzzy.

    problem with SL is that the majority follow a trend in voting, know what i mean? No one actually weighs the pros & cons of putting some dipshit into power.