Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mama you know I love you

All over the social networks and text messages, and the endless advertising today, the theme of Mother's Day cannot be escaped. Yes, its completely over-rated but I totally bought into it today. From taking my little guy to see Rio to going with the hubby and my mother to lunch, we totally sucked into the blatant commercialism which is Mother's Day. Even though we should love our mothers every single day, it does take an expensive lunch and a few classes of wine to really appreciate one's mother.

Mothers are a peculiar bunch - I should know, since I am one too. But we seriously are. I love my mother, although she and I have had our share of issues, and continue to do so. Maybe its a weird psychological competition between mothers and daughters, but its a common thing I have seen. Mothers are constantly putting down their daughters, "You are too fat/thin.. You don't listen to me.. You have no idea how to do.. ". Mothers constantly complain about you... But you know, at the end of the day, they are proud of you and do love you grudgingly.

Now being a mother myself, I can see things from a different perspective. I know why my mother said and did the things she did, although there are certain things I still do not get. But being a mother to a son seems to be very different. I tend to be more laidback to certain things and not as worried. But the protectiveness I feel is akin to a lionness protecting her cubs. I know if someone even harms one little hair off my boy, these cute gloves are coming off and someone will pay!

Anyway, to those mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day and hope you spent a day with the people you love.
Mama - Boyz II Men

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