Monday, May 2, 2011

Stay here tonight

Corny but true... sometimes it just takes three words to make your world go round... Not "I love you" but "stay here tonight"... I am not condoning casual sex, rather the concept of just being wanted...

The idea of love has been overrated and overused. Love seems to be this mystical sappy syrup that is lapped by doe-eyed lovelies not mere mortals like ourselves. In my humble opinion, love is the acceptance and tolerance of two people, taking in their faults and idiosyncrasies and making them into something beautiful that only those two people can understand. That to me is real love...

Going back to the idea of "stay here tonight".. The lyrics of the song read,

"I don't want you to
I don't want you to leave, Yeah!

Stay here tonight, stay here tonight
Cause when your around me,
Everything's right, don't go!
Oh, don't leave me alone..

I need you, I need you...

You grab your coat and I'm dying
But I know that you’re still deciding, Yeah!
Cause nobody’s moving

Time stops and everything’s quiet
I'm hanging on for my life and you
You don't even see it!

Then you come in closer
And baby it's not over
Till I hear you say, till I hear you say

Maybe I am feeling overly sentimental but for me, that's more precious than the sappy confectionary sugary concept of love that is manufactured in most media.. Or the in-your-face sexual tones in most music.. Just two people who cant let go of each other and just want to be with each other... can't bear to be apart.. that's romance folks...

I am sure I overthink things, I am only human, afterall.. I had a weekend with a certain someone, away from family and friends... we ended up in a foreign country and I swear, it was the happiest 3 days I've had in a long time. I know I wasn't in love and I am sure he wasn't in love with me but we had conversation, amazing sex (come on, what else can you do with 3 days and hormones raging... watch tv?!)and we were just ourselves.. Of course, later on I found out he had another girlfriend and he was going through issues with her and I just happened to be there... But still, that won't erase the feeling of openness and just acceptance I felt for 3 days.. We talked about everything, ourselves, politics, the news at the time, food... it was great. I just hope he felt the same way, and maybe in some way he changed thanks to that weekend. I know I did, because after that weekend, I realized I do deserve better and I need to move on..

Moving on is another story for another day..

Stay here tonight - Enrique Iglesias


  1. I know what you mean.
    But, more often than not people take advantage..... they always says that you happened to be there...

    I read many of your posts and I can relate to what you are going through.
    Life is not fair, but I just count my blessings and hope for the best for the coming days...

    I tried moving on many times, but I couldn't...

  2. Hi Ranuka,
    hang on, that's all we can do and stay positive.. :) i know most of my posts have sounded quite grim but eventually i too will see the light at the end of the tunnel.. Do keep reading and keep posting. Take care!

  3. Moving on is not easy...especially when the decision involves more than you. I sometimes wonder why the f**k I can't be selfish and do it... but the next min I worry about the fallout...

    I don't live in SL, so the opportunity to hookup on the side without prying eyes is there. But I rarely do it, for I fear that I may get emotionally attached.
    It's not love, but it's the kind of romance you talk about. The feeling that rips you apart bcos you can't fall asleep in their embrace after all the f***ing. It's tough - you can't really stay the night, bcos both of us needs to get back to our miserable lives..

  4. Of course, it is never easy moving on. Even me, it took me about 4 months to really move on from this incident. I agree - its not the hooking up persay, but the emotional connection to someone else. Sometimes that seems more important than the actual feeling of 'love' and the sense of escapism from reality. We all need that at times.

  5. agreed.. love is so overrated.
    For some lucky folks, love and the emotional connection is synonymous and stays that way. But for most love starts that way but quickly bcos more of a scarifies than anything else.

    The emotional connection is what we crave, not really love.

  6. I agree.. Some people are lucky to have the best of both worlds, but I think for us, looking in, we might not see the cracks that are there.

    I had a friend, whose life seemed perfect - great husband, good looking guy and he was a nice person too, friendly, fun-loving all that jazz. He died recently, and she later told me he had been seeing other women while still being married to her but she tolerated it because she loved him that much. To him, it was just a physical thing but he didn't "love" them like he loved her. So I guess it really depends..

    Me, I tend to be more cynical about these things...